T-Pain claims Kanye West is too rude to get a baby gift from him

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Kanye West has never been the most loved man in entertainment, especially in recent years. While most celebrities have been showering West and his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, with gifts and congratulations over the birth of their new baby, North, former West collaborator T-Pain recently claimed that he’s not giving West  a gift for the baby because the Yeezus rapper is too rude.

During a recent interview with Us Weekly, T-Pain claimed that West has expensive tastes when it comes to gifts and that he has “no couth” when it comes to accepting or rejecting gifts from people.

“Kanye is much richer than me so I’m not even going to try [getting him and Kim Kardashian a gift],” said T-Pain. “Kanye has no couth when it comes to things like that, so when you bring him something, he’d be like, ‘What the f— is this?’”

Although T-Pain isn’t getting West a gift, the singer doesn’t think West will mind as he joked that the rapper will likely get North an opulent gift like “some golden shoes, some golden booties.”

Despite West’s mean streak, T-Pain still claimed that he thinks West will be a good father for North.

“I think it’s gonna be good,” said T-Pain. “I think he’s going to be great. If he has the child around enough — and I don’t know how that works with flights and stuff — but he’ll figure it out.”

Well, T-Pain may not be getting a gift for West and the baby, but other stars are. Check out what Kim Kadashian and Rob Kardashian got for North and West below. – nicholas robinson



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