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Basketball wife Bambi feuds with Kirk Frost’s mistress


Bambi feuds with Mary Jane

Two reality stars had a very public war of words this week at an Atlanta radio station. As previously reported, Mary Jane Miller, who is gloating about her tryst with Kirk Frost, appeared at V-103 where she dished on their hookup.

“Was I concerned and thinking about his wife at the time, no I wasn’t. That’s not my concern,” she told Big Tigger about her actions.

During her interview, however, things reached a fever pitch when Bambi of “Basketball Wives L.A.” fame called in and blasted her for her actions. Bambi, who was seen on the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop” canoodling with Benzino, apologized for bringing Jane around Frost during a fateful cabin party.


“I came to bring the fun girls to the party, but it went a little bit too left field, it went too far and it got a little out of control,” she told Big Tigger.

“I just want to apologize to the whole city of Atlanta for bringing this whore on the show and I want to personally apologize to Rasheeda for bringing this trash around her husband.”

Obviously none too pleased, Jane fired back and accused Bambi of secretly dating Lil Scrappy behind his ex-fiancee Erica Dixon’s back: “Who you kissing now? Let’s call Erica (Dixon) and tell her about you being around her man (Lil Scrappy). Let’s talk to Erica. Should we get Erica on the line?!”

As previously reported, there are rumors swirling that Bambi and Lil Scrappy are more than just friends.



Jane is reportedly vying for a spot on the next season of Mona Scott Young’s program.

Check out more photos of Bambi and Mary Jane in happier times below. -danielle canada

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