‘Biggest Loser’ star Tara Costa sued for gaining weight


Tara Costa lost 155 pounds during the 2009 edition of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”  The 5-foot-9 Costa joined “The Biggest Loser” as a 294-pound contestant. Costa finished third but is now facing a lawsuit from promotional companies who signed her after the show. FC Online Marketing Inc. and  Inspire Change Foundation are both suing Costa on charges that she regained too much weight to represent their brands. The lawsuit was filed in a Tampa court on July 2.

When she signed the contracts, they included that she “maintain her current level of fitness and conditioning” for the length of their contract. The contracts were signed in March 2011 and by October 2011 Costa had gained too much weight to represent them in both photo shoots and public appearances.

Tara has also filed suit against FC Online Marketing Inc. for claims that the company allowed one of their  franchises, ilovekickboxing.com to use her name and photos without any pay or authorization.

According to Tara’s Twitter account, she is maintaining an active lifestyle. Check out some of her extreme activities over the past few weeks here.

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