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Music » DJ Mami Chula’s ‘Respect the DJ’ event

DJ Mami Chula’s ‘Respect the DJ’ event

DJ Mama Chula

DJs: The Superstars of the 21st Century

The 2013 Atlanta Respect the DJ event will be a social gathering for record label executives, producers, popular artists, and, of course, the 50 top DJs of Atlanta. Respect the DJ is an event that aims to build a bridge between various music genres. It features a talented tapestry of Atlanta’s top DJs. The event takes place in a networking environment where DJs can experience creative and innovative blends of multiple genres, showcase their skills, and learn from each other in a party atmosphere. Respect the DJ sews together a spectrum of genres such as hip-hop, EDM, Top 40, and anything that gets crowds moving.

Respect the DJ community …

… are trendsetters in the music industry.

Attending DJs have won awards in the Red Bull Thre3Style Event, AJC, Atlanta Magazine, Source magazine, rolling out magazine and have been ACM-nominated. Many are pioneers in creating a different style of genre and are creating their own niche in the DJ community.

… Use only the best equipment.

Top DJs perform in front of large audiences, which directly translates into using only the highest quality products they can depend on.

… Have celebrity status.

The event features some of the biggest terrestrial radio DJs of Atlanta, FIT Radio DJs, and touring DJs (both DJs who tour with popular artists and tour solo).

… Are extremely influential in social media.

The DJs attending this event are very active on social media with large followings across all platforms.

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