‘Kick-Ass 2’ stars talk sequels, stunt injuries and Spider-Man


Kick-Ass was one of the most unexpected hits of 2010, with its stylized action sequences and tongue-in-cheek story of a geeky teen who aspires to become a superhero. The cast returns this summer in Kick-Ass 2, with director Jeff Wadlow taking the reins from Matthew Vaughan (still on-board as producer) to tell the latest chapter in the story of Dave Lizewski, his vigilante friend, Hit-Girl and their ally-turned-nemesis, the Motherf—-er (formerly known as The Red Mist.)

“One thing we talked about with all three characters [was] in the first film they created these alter egos; but in this film, they had to figure out who they were,” explains director Wadlow.

There are new allies along for the ride this time — most notably Colonel Stars & Stripes (Jim Carrey) and Dr. Gravity (Donald Faizon), but the core tale is still one of self-discovery for young Lizewski.

“At his core, [Dave] sincerely wants to make the world a better place,” he adds, and gives a nod to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the film’s star. “Aaron personifies Dave in many ways. I thought it was amazing to see [him] become the end product — this fully-realized man.”

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