‘Kick-Ass 2’ stars talk sequels, stunt injuries and Spider-Man


Chloë Grace Moretz (Hit-Girl/Mindy Macready

On broadening Hit-Girl as a character:

You saw so much Hit-Girl [in the first Kick-Ass), [but] you never saw Mindy Macready. You never saw the girl behind the mask. Whether she’s wearing a designer outfit or her wig and her mask; she’s a superhero in her heart. They don’t need to be Kick Ass or be Hit-Girl, they need to be who they are.

On who would win in a Battle of the Sidekicks:

I’d definitely beat up Robin.

On Hit-Girl’s ‘daddy issues’:

She watched her father burn in front of her and held him in his last moments while he died. She doesn’t have anyone looking out for her except for Marcus (Morris Chestnut)–who’s the most opposite of who she is. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.

On her star rising after the first Kick Ass:

Hit-Girl is that character that really did put me in a different light. She’s the character I would say is my breakout role and put me in the minds of people in this business. It’s an amazing role because its poppy and fun and one of those characters that changed me as an actor, for sure.”

Worst injury suffered by her stunt double:

She cracked her head open. They used a hydraulic system and they did it too much and it just pulled her an inch too far and she cracked her head on a bar.

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