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Joseline Hernandez: Queen of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’


Story by Danielle Canada

Photography/art direction: DeWayne Rogers

Makeup: Day Hill

Hair: Sonae Ryder

Wardrobe: SirGarde Kudzi

While Joseline Hernandez is writhing for rolling out’s art director, there’s a muscled man in the room keeping a watchful eye. Stevie J is present and monitoring the shoot like a father trying not to hover. While Hernandez is channeling her inner diva in front of a wind machine, Stevie is nodding his head and letting out a few approving grunts and groans from the far corner. J’s parental behavior is fitting considering that the breakout ”Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star has nicknamed him ”daddy.” And while Hernandez looks ethereal in white, she makes it a point to dance for the ”daddy” she says ultimately changed her life.

Joseline, or Ms. Hernandez if you’re nasty (her words), is a jill-of-all-trades. Best known for her exotic dancing background prior to her reality TV gig, Hernandez assures that there’s much more to her sex kitten persona than meets the eye. ”I don’t tell people everything. I’m just little Joseline,” this former celebrity fitness trainer says with a coquettish smile.

Read on as the reality star dishes on her upcoming fitness DVD, her connection with Stevie J, and sends a special message to people like Tamar Braxton, who she believes is jealous of her success.

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  1. Notya Biznes on August 6, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Delusional much, Joseline? Tamar is a bigger star than she will ever be. Look what she parlayed her reality fame into, a record (gettiing airplay/tv play) and a talk show. Let’s be real, Joseline only has LHHATL. No one knows her because most of America doesn’t watch that mess… She better stack her chips while she can.

  2. Be happy with your own life on August 10, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    Girl Tamar does not know you…. Stop trying to get recognized by starting drama with such a class act. Just be grateful you are no longer sliding down a pole and live your life… You are going to mess around lose everything with evilness….

  3. Omeca Humphrey on November 21, 2014 at 7:01 am

    You look great in this shoot Ms Lady … however I do have to agree with the people Tamar can sang her ASS OFF….. however SWEETIE YOU ARE IN A WHOLE DIFFERENT GENRE of music.. So theres no reason to come for Tamar… YOUR RAP GAME IS DIFFERENT , FRESH, NOW…. U KEEP PERFECTING UR SKILL AND STOP RELYING ON UR BODY TO TAKE U UP THE CHAIN; IF U WANT PEOPLE TO TAKE U SERIOUSLY AND RESPECT U… STOP DISING PEOPLE AND BE THE BIGGER PERSON…SO SOMETHING OUT THE ordinary that they wouldn’t expect from you and that’s how you get people in the end.. this will also show them growth, babe doll… if you ever need a personal assistant, email me.. I would love to work with u and can tell u this …. your business will be handled and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything not like that other so-called manager assistant whatever she was that you had on the show last time love and hip hop…I’m I’m loyal, hard worker, would have to worry about me going behind your back spilling the TEA or trying to get with u man… MUCH LOVE…O.H. EMAIL ME