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Director Frank Dievbiere debuts ‘Redemption 316’

FRANK 1At the tender age of 14, Frank Dievbiere had a dream to leave his small hometown in Nigeria for the land of the free. In 2000, that dream became a beautiful reality as Dievbiere took a leap of faith and headed for America, landing in Atlanta. Dievbiere jumped right in to new opportunity, taking courses toward a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Gwinnett Technical College but quickly realized that he was meant for more.

Dievbiere had a passion for acting and film and he was determined to work twice as hard to make his dream a reality.
He worked two full-time jobs while juggling acting classes at the prestigious Alliance Theater Education Center, where he studied basic stage acting.

It wasn’t until he decided to continue his studies at the Professional Actors Studio, that he discovered his true calling, in film acting and directing. Determined to overcome cultural barriers, Dievbiere enrolled in Georgia State University’s competitive film and video production program in order to sharpen his skills.

After years of meticulous studies and determination, Dievbiere established the independent film company Zulu Pictures in 2004. Currently, Dievbiere is debuting his latest film Redemption 316. Redemption 316 is told through the perspective of Jessica, “a young woman who was wrongfully convicted for a crime that she did not commit.”

Dievbiere drew from personal experiences in Nigeria, hoping to “inspire change and draw awareness to the abuse that women face within the penal system.” He says that “everyone deserves a second chance. Just because you wear a jumpsuit, [it] does not mean that you are guilty. We should all take that into consideration before judging.”

If you’re looking to hear “a great message, be entertained and desire to celebrate human triumph,” this film is for you. Join Dievbiere and his talented team for the premiere of Redemption 316 tonight at 7 p.m. at the Woodruff Art Center’s Hill Auditorium in downtown Atlanta.

For more information about Redemption 316, visit –ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie