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Rihanna’s new video, ‘Pour It Up,’ is banging


“Throw it up, Strip Club and Dollar Bills” . That’s the refrain in  Rihanna’s new video for her song “Pour It Up.. The sista does it again.  All I can say is if you want to go to a strip club and only have $5 in your pocket just watch the Rihanna video on your computer  and get the full experience without the companionship of a beautiful lady and overpriced drinks.  Rihanna’s new video doesn’t leave much to the imagination, stopping just shy of being X-rated porn. She wears an awesome outfit that barely covers her nipples and a thong that gets you imagining about what’s down there. But wait, there’s more! Would you like to see Rihanna twerking, well she grants your wish. That booty bounces and puts the recent Miley Cyrus escapade to shame.  Rihanna takes to the pole and does a good job in a brief snippet. In the words of the late great comedian Robin Harris, “I Betta Not See Her on Payday.”  The beat is on point and will be rolling out in strip clubs as soon as the DJ gets his hands on a copy and starts to mix it up proper. The background features strippers on poles while Rihanna sits on a golden throne. Further showing who’s the queen and focal point in this brief video.  The lyrics “All I see is dollar  signs”  perfectly epitomize what one should expect from a dancer and a good,  ahem, gentlemen’s  club. The video was co-directed by Rihanna, so she definitely put her influence and sexuality in every frame. Her blond wig and diamond-studded bra in addition to the wads of hundreds being thrown into the air lets the novice viewer realize that you better have the cash to play if you’re really trying to have some fun. Rihanna still reigns supreme!