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Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel kiss and make up

Jimmy Kimmel Kanye WestKanye West and Jimmy Kimmel decided to put their Twitter feud to rest in a noticeably uncomfortable appearance on the comedian’s television show.

West was very angry over a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” parody skit in which Kimmel hired a child actor to portray West in a recreation of an interview his BBC radio 1 interview and took to Twitter to express himself. Kimmel tweeted earlier:

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 1.54.36 AM

“I don’t know if you know this but a lot of people think you’re a jerk,” Kimmel said after West called himself a genius. West was objecting to the idea that he’s “just a celebrity.”

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“When you said you think you’re a genius, I think that upsets people,” Kimmel said. “But the truth is a lot of people think they’re geniuses, but nobody says it because it’s weird to say it. But it is most certainly more honest to say, ‘I am a genius.'”

“I’m totally weird and totally honest and I’m totally inappropriate sometimes, and the thing is for me not to say I’m not a genius I’d be lying to you and to myself,” West states.

West told Kimmel his portrayal in the media typically upsets him and he doesn’t respond. But since he knew Kimmel, he felt he should reach out by phone and discuss his disapproval man to man.

“That elevates sometimes,” West said. Jimmy does his thing, I do my thing, and at some point egos can flare up, and we kind of took it back to high school.”

“I really felt bad about all this stuff, I did,” Kimmel said after West walked on stage. West responded, “Mmm huh,” but laughed after watching a portion of the skit.

Jimmy Kimmel Kanye West

He stated his views against the Hollywood Walk of Fame organization for denying his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, a star and reflected on his recent negative interactions with paparazzi.

“The way the paparazzi talk to me and my family is disrespectful, you know what I’m saying?” said West. “We bring something of joy to the world. When people hear my music they have a good time, and I should be respected as such when I walk down the street. Don’t ask me a question about something you saw on the tabloids. Don’t try to antagonize me, because it’s not safe for you in this zoo, you know? Never think that I’m not from Chicago for one second.” 

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