‘Anytime Soon’ by Tamika Christy book review

Anytime Soon cover

Tamika Christy published her debut novel “Anytime Soon” and the accolades are pouring in on this brilliant piece.  Christy began writing early while still in elementary school and has had a passion for it ever since.  Juggling a full-time job, a family, and law school made life stressful trying to bring her vision to life.  With her admirable determination,  time prevailed and allowed room for Christy’s first of many novels to blossom.

“Anytime Soon” is exceptionally written and focused on a young lady by the name of Anaya.  Anaya is a thriving college student who lives at home with her family and their many colorful personality traits.  She struggles with carrying everyone else’s burdens on her shoulders and can never seem to make time to focus on herself.  How often are we doing this one?

What I liked about this book is the realism it entails with each character.  You find yourself relating to at least one of them.  You have Anaya’s mom and aunts who are constantly bickering amongst one other.  You have Anaya’s best friends, who are uniquely different and struggling with some very dark secrets.  You also have Anaya’s own love life and her struggles to fight off the unhealthy but gratifying temptation from someone with whom she shouldn’t be involved.   There are definitely some life lessons and encouraging moments that will stay with you after reading this book.  Along with all the seriousness, you do have your share of “LOL” moments that are truly hilarious.

For this to be Christy’s first novel, I’m thoroughly impressed and cannot wait to read more from this gifted author.  Great read!!   –lili

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