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‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ episode 1 best moments

Chrissy & Jim INtroduce Pudie

Chrissy and Jim introduce Pudie

At the top of the episode, Chrissy and Jim are out having fun with Go-Karts as they race alongside Jim’s son, Pudie, who Chrissy claims is not your average kid. And Pudie proves Chrissy right when the family takes a pizza break and Pudie opens up about his relationship with a classmate of his. Jim tries to dig into his son’s romantic life and even asks if Pudie can Face Time with the girl so they can see her, but Pudie smartly dodges Jim’s questions and even claims that they girl wouldn’t care about Jim’s star status because he’s a nobody to her. Chrissy likes that Pudie is “sharper than Jimmy.” When Jim tells Chrissy about Pudie’s plan stay over the summer, Chrissy is happy to have the boy stay, but she’s worried that Jim won’t step up to the task of being a full-time dad.

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