‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 3 best moments

Amina & Tara Fight

Tara confronts Amina

Amina has another showcase and Rich and Yandy show up to scout her once again. However, when Amina sits down with the two record execs, it’s clear that Yandy is team Tara when she slyly digs into Amina. But the real sparks fly when Tara pops up and sits with them all to confront Amina about her affair with Peter. Amina claims that she knew Peter lived with Tara, but Peter told her that he was only there for the sake of the kids. However, Tara isn’t convinced and claims that Amina was just a lying side chick. Amina claims she feels bad, but proudly pulls out her marriage license and reveals she’s Peter’s wife. Tara wastes no time being shocked and immediately begins slapping Amina, forcing security to pull them apart as the episode ends.

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