‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 3 best moments

Joe Advises Nya About Erica

Nya Lee and Erica kill their friendship

Nya meets up with Joe Budden at her strip club and explains that she’s making big moves in the industry jumping on tracks with Jadakiss and even opening up for Kendrick Lamar. Joe is proud of Nya until she reveals that she wants to do a track with Erica Mena. Joe warns her that Mena will only taint her career, but Nya vows to keep her promise to do the track, even though Erica has been dodging her calls for two weeks. When Erica finally meets her in the studio, things get hostile when Nya complains that Erica isn’t focused on music. Both women claim that the other is washed up and they not so peacefully decide to end their friendship.

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