Twitter reacts to Pebbles’ and Ashley Reid’s appearance on Wendy Williams

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Twitter was quick to take note of Perri “Pebbles” Reid’s first public interview since “CrazySexyCool” exploded in her face at the end of October.

The former TLC manager and 80s multiplatinum singer chose the “Wendy Williams Show” to finally air out her pent up feelings of angst and betrayal by the trio that she says she plucked from the intersection of ‘Obscurity and Destitution’ and turned them into multiplatinum singers.

Among the surprising revelations, Pebbles said the following: TLC kicked Chilli out of the group, not Pebbles; that VH1 is now saying “CrazySexyCool” is not based on a true story; that she believes Chilli had sex with her ex-husband, L.A. Reid and that she intends to go after the network for airing a movie “full of lies.”

Twitter users quickly formed a protective shield around Chilli and T-Boz and began firing back at the “Mercedes Boy” and “Girlfriend” singer for leaning on the “confidentiality” agreement that supposedly handcuffs Pebbles from going into great detail on many of the subjects that Williams broached on the show. Take a look at what Twitter had to say.

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