Jay Z, Kanye West and the Masonic symbolism of the names ‘Blue’ and ‘North’

What’s all the hype about Blue Ivy Carter’s name? Apparently, it is so significant that Jay Z and Beyoncé have tried to trademark it.
Why the name ‘Blue’?
People have long questioned Jay Z’s Freemasonry connection. He denies it, and he should since a Mason is not supposed to advertise affiliation and not even supposed to expose the secrets of their degree with those in lower degrees. Still, Jigga has brandished Masonic symbolism for some time. Using his two hands to form a triangle (pyramid), he has flashed the Masonic Eye of Providence, or the all-seeing, on the cover of the “Dynasty: Roc La Familia” album and throughout his music videos, peering one eye through a triangle. Masons use a blueprint to build. Thus, we may have the reason for the name of Jay Z’s “Blueprint” albums and perhaps the name of his daughter.
Masons know the significance of the color blue. Blue Lodges refer to a lodge that works the first three Masonic degrees: Entered Apprentice, FellowCraft, and Master Mason. Blue is the only color other than white that is used for decorations in these lodges. Within Freemasonry, the color blue is a symbol of perfection, truth, universal friendship, and benevolence.
Ivy is a female plant, and it is a symbol of the Lunar Goddess, ArianrhodThe ivy is a symbol of survival and determination, as it grows almost unrestricted in nature. It also symbolizes friendship, connection and renewal. While this part of baby Blue’s name may have nothing to do with Freemasonry, it may well have something to do with Jay and Bey’s lyrical claims of deity or royalty.
Why did Kanye go with ‘North’?
Freemasonry evolved from the practice of stonemasons, or builders. An initiate, or Entered Apprentice, is placed in the northeast corner of the lodge as a figurative foundation stone, from where he will build his own temple with the principles of Freemasonry. This is done because the northeast corner is traditionally where the cornerstone (the first stone) of a building is laid.
In Masonry, cardinal points are symbolic. The north is attributed to darkness; east to light or wisdom; west to strength; and south to beauty.  The northeast is a place midway between darkness and light, or symbolic of equilibrium. Kanye’s baby’s name, North West, may be a clever play on words using this symbolism.
What is Masonry?
In order to be a Freemason, one must believe in some type of Supreme Being, which could be God for some or Lucifer for others, and the immortality of the soul. Aleister Crowley was a 33rd degree Freemason and is recognized as the master Satanist of the 20th century. Meanwhile, prominent Christian leaders and pastors are Freemasons. Some of the founding fathers, including Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock, were masons.
The purpose of Masonry is to promote self-control, morality, justice, charity and good character. No matter his religion, a Freemason lives by the same principled code. A Freemason respects all religions, seeing them as different paths to the same end.
Annette R. Johnson is the president of Allwrite Advertising and Publishing and the author of “What’s Your Motivation?”
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