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Women who exploit themselves and the men who benefit


We live in a society where morality is no longer valued but frowned upon. Want to make a quick buck? Strip down and watch a good girl go bad is basically what much of reality TV, music and mainstream media tell us. And while many women feel empowered in doing “edgy” photo shoots or displaying their bodies to the masses (we don’t judge), behind them is usually a man who is happy to collect the benefits from their exploitation.

Recently, we reported that Ice T’s wife, Coco Austin has signed a contract with Cal Exotics, the world’s largest sex toy company, with plans to launch a line of Coco signature sex toys. The line which is due to release in January will “reflect Coco’s personality and will include massager’s, vibrators, and more!” Cal Exotics also stated that, “The toys are for solo and couples play. Coco is involved with the entire process, from packaging to the promotional strategy.”

Coco is just one of many Reality TV stars and household Hollywood names to use their “God given” looks and promiscuous reputations to earn a living with the support of their beau. Hit the flip fr more women who exploit themselves and the men who benefit from them below. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

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