5 free apps to help organize your finances


In light of the recession, there have been an increasing number of students graduating college without employment, forcing many to have to work lower wage jobs or enter into the world of entrepreneurship. A recent retirement survey by Scot trade revealed that more than half of Gen Y admitted that they haven’t even started saving for retirement. With personal and student loan debt on the rise, it’s more vital now than ever to start thinking about the future of your finances. Here are five apps to help get you on the road to financial freedom.


If you’re looking to build a better relationship with your finances, then the Learnvest app is just for you. The mobile app is a spinoff of the website, but with all the same cool features.  Develop a budget with the Learnvest planner, set savings and debt repayment goals, or check out the latest article covering a range of topics within lifestyle and money. You can also enroll in financial bootcamps to help get you on the road to financial freedom. The app has a clean layout and is easy to navigate, perfect for busy professionals on the go.

Available On: IOS, Android


Many people are familiar with Mint and use the website to help manager their finances. The mobile app lets you manage all of your accounts no matter where you go. Mint pulls all of your financial accounts into one user-friendly interface. Similar to the website, you can keep track of all of your checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards, as well as set up a budget to help you stay on track with your spending. It’s a safe and secure way to ensure that your holiday spending doesn’t leave you in the hole.

Available On: IOS, Android, Windows Phone


If you’re having trouble keeping track of your bills or just need help organizing your finances, then the Manilla app is for you. It consolidates all of your financial accounts into one place and allows you to set up reminders when bills are due. Users love that it supports more companies than its competitors and its ease of use. Another great feature allows you to digitally file all of your bills, statements, offers and more, which is convenient for the eco-friendly person who still wants all of their documents in one place. Thanks to this app late payments are a thing of the past!

Available On: IOS, Android


For most business travelers keeping track of trip receipts is a daunting task. Expensify makes traveling easy, allowing users to scan receipts, track their mileage and create expense reports documenting their travel. The app is highly recommended for the small business owner or to anyone who just wants to keep track of their spending.

Available On: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry


Our last app is for the shopaholic who enjoys purchasing their goods online. This app makes online shopping a breeze and even helps you save a little money with its price drop tracker. Track your shipments to your doorstep and receive email notifications listing the items you bought. It also creates a pie chart of your spending habits. So the more you use the app the more beneficial it is to you.

Available On: IOS, Android

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