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Kelly Ripa shows off toned abs on Twitter

Kelly+Ripa+(27)Talk show host, Kelly Ripa often shows off her ripped arms and toned legs during her gig on Live With Kelly and Michael.  The 43-year-old mother of three, revealed on Twitter that not only are her daily visible parts are toned, she is sporting a ripped six-packed underneath. Ripa often shares shares health, gym and diet tips on air with millions of viewers.

Kelly uses the Twit pic, posing posing upside against a wall with her shirt hanging down giving fans and followers a glance of her impressively toned midriff, to send a shout out to her trainer Anna Kaiser,  for keeping her motivated and healthy.

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Let’s hope those same mother’s that attacked the ‘fit mom’ on Facebook won’t come after Ripa whose abs are more toned than most 20 and 30-year-olds.

She credits a fitness regime combined with cardio, strength training, toning and stretching for a multi-purpose sweat session and a clean diet. She refers to herself as “a vegetarian who occasionally eats sushi.”