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Kirk Frost blasted for posting photo of his son

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Kirk Frost blasted for posting a photo of the son he asked his wife to abort 

After hinting that he wanted his wife Rasheeda to abort their baby, Kirk Frost is being blasted for posting a picture of the child. The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star recently posted a photo of his son Karter Frost with the caption, “How time flies Karter’s feet are almost to the edge of the swing #4monthsold.”

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While many noted the cutesy photo of the growing tot, others just couldn’t help but blast Frost for cooing over the child he originally didn’t want and insisted needed paternity testing.

“I guess he’s yours after all ehhhhh?!” wrote one fan

“Sad he has to grow up and see his dad telling his mom to get an abortion on TV!  Smh,” added another.

One fan in particular however, really let him have it.

“Please grow up because when that little boy gets older he will actually be able to see the stupidity that lied within you,” wrote the disgruntled follower.

See more of Kirk Frost getting blasted for posting a photo of his son below. -danielle canada

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