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Peter Gunz says Cory Gunz was angry about ‘Love & Hip-Hop’


Rapper-turned-reality star Peter Gunz spoke at-length recently about his relationship with his son, up-and-coming rapper Cory Gunz. In an interview with HipHopDX, Peter explained why Cory went a little “quiet” with his music career–and Peter reveals that his son was not exactly supportive of his decision to join “Love & Hip-Hop.”

“He wasn’t really happy, and he didn’t know about all my shenanigans,” Peter explained. “Cory’s a junior so it affects him. What I do affects him. I’ve seen him arguing with people on Twitter, Instagram, the blogs and stuff. I was like, ‘Man, let ‘em talk.'”

Peter says that Cory’s legal troubles led to both his father and his label deciding to keep the young rapper’s profile very low for the time being.

“Cory’s signed to Young Money, but he got caught with a firearm in the Bronx. He was facing a three to nine [year sentence], but the judge came down to a two-and-a half [years]. It was Cory’s first offense. He’s never been in trouble, so I was trying to get them to move that off the table. But you know, when you’re a rapper, black and… They’re just hard on guns in the city. So, Young Money put up a lot of money, we fought and I kept Cory quiet. He didn’t put out a lot of music. We smoldered him. When you making noise and you’re popping, that’s when they make an example of you. So we either had to keep him hot and he got his a– in jail or cool him off and try to get him hot again. But now that he’s got probation, he’s out in Miami trying to work on records and get himself up again.”