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‘Love & Hip Hop’ season finale best moments

Saigon & Erice Jean Move In Together

Erica Jean moves in with Saigon

It’s been a rocky road for Saigon and Erica Jean all season long, but Saigon requested last episode to make them a real family. Erica Jean decides it’s time to move in with him. Erica Jean packs up all of her things and rides with Saigon to his home. However, in the car, Saigon jokes that he has rules for Erica Jean, including the idea that he should be able to invite another woman into their bedroom. Erica Jean laughs off Saigon’s request and claims that he’s a good man for her, he just has boyish tendencies. Saigon assures her that he’s joking and wants to “take this family thing seriously.”

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