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‘Love & Hip Hop’ season finale best moments

Rich Argues With Cyn & Erica Again

Rich tells Cyn he’s sleeping with Erica

After weeks of preparation, Erica finally has her debut performance and wows the crowd with pre-recorded vocals and choreography. Erica is in heaven after the show, but her good time is quickly shot to hell when Cyn sits down to make peace with Rich and he tells her that he and Erica slept together just a few days ago. Cyn goes back stage and confronts Erica, telling her that she’s done with all of the lies and the drama. Erica denies sleeping with him, rushes to the front, confronts Rich for ruining her night, and tells him she’s done with him, which he nonchalantly gives his blessing. However, Rich doesn’t let Erica or Cyn off the hook that easily and he rushes backstage and nearly starts a fight with both of them as he yells at them to prove his point that he’s not the bad guy and that Erica was the one playing games.

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