Apollo Nida and Peter Thomas say Brandon DeShazer started fight

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Both cast members and fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” were left shell shocked by Sunday night’s explosive fight between Apollo Nida and Kenya Moore’s assistant, Brandon DeShazer. Although many people have been blaming Moore for the fight, Nida is claiming that DeShazer started it.

During a preview clip of the show, Nida has a talk with his wife, Phaedra Parks about the fight and says that it was “ridiculous” but that DeShazer threw the first hit.

“It’s really a shame. I never thought that someone would hit me, especially when I was kinda trying to defuse the situation,” Apollo explained to Phaedra Parks in a preview for an upcoming episode. “I just saw a lot of rage in his eyes. All I know, I got hit and I just got really carried away.”

Nida isn’t the only one who feels that way. Peter Thomas recently spoke to Sister 2 Sister and claimed the same thing, saying that the cast is ashamed of the fight but that DeShazer started it.

“All of that was so explosive. It happened so fast,” said Thomas. “Apollo [Nida] got up to help me hold Brandon back while Gregg [Leakes] and Todd [Tucker] took Christopher the other way, but Brandon was so aggressive and so hyped that he accidentally hit Apollo and that’s what made Apollo flip.”

Thomas claims that he wouldn’t have reacted with violence like Nida did he because was accidentally hit while trying to break up a fight. But Thomas also claims that DeShazer’s punch was no accident.

“If I’m breaking up a fight and I accidentally get hit, I’m probably not going to react that way, but it wasn’t just the accidental hit,” Peter said. “You can hear [Brandon] say, ‘Oh, you wanna fight, too?’”

Despite pointing fingers in DeShazer’s direction, Thomas says that the whole cast is ashamed of the fight.

“No one is proud of what happened, including Apollo. Everyone is ashamed,” he said.

It’s commendable that both Nida and Thomas were adult enough to admit how embarrassing and dishonorable that fight was. Everyone’s image was tarnished and everyone involved in the fight should apologize.

Sadly, this isn’t the only time something like this has happened. Check out some other major reality TV fights below. – nicholas robinson



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