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More armed passengers travel through Atlanta airport than any other


Apparently, when many Atlanta travelers pack their bags they also pack their guns. The Transportation Security Administration states that more guns were seized at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International  Airport than any other airport in the country. Of course, some gun owners can easily forget their favorite weapon is in a carry-on bag like a briefcase or purse. In many cases the weapons are deliberately hidden with 81 percent already loaded.  The list provided by the TSA is as follows:

  1. (ATL) – 111 Guns Discovered
  2. (DFW) – 96 Guns Discovered
  3. (IAH) – 68 Guns Discovered
  4. (PHX) – 66 Guns Discovered
  5. (DEN) – 51 Guns Discovered

The TSA released pictures and statistical information on the types of weapons discovered and it was not just guns. Montages of weapons are shown from ninja throwing stars, lipstick knives, to explosives, both live and inert.  The advanced imaging technology has even detected non-metal knives tied around the neck of one individual with fishing line. The TSA blog site also shows pictures of a fragmented human skull and fake suicide vest used for explosive training. Both of which caused the shutdown of security checkpoints by TSA officials.

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