Kenya Moore calls out NeNe Leakes for ‘gay bashing’ Brandon DeShazer

NeNe Leakes & Kenya Moore - Phony Cover

NeNe Leakes went from gay fan favorite to alleged homophobe this past week after she hurled a slew of derogatory gay slurs in Brandon DeShazer’s direction on Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Most of the cast have focused on the infamous fight between Apollo Nida and DeShazer. However, Kenya Moore recently shared her thoughts on Leakes’ comments and says that she “gay bashed” DeShazer.

In a recent Bravo Blog post, Moore discussed the fight, in which DeShazer was beaten by Nida after he jumped in between an argument between Moore and Christopher Williams. Moore explains that Leakes was wrong to have questioned DeShazer’s manhood and make light of the fact that he was beaten.

“What’s even more disturbing is all the gay bashing and offensive language used by NeNe to humiliate and demean Brandon. NeNe maliciously and repeatedly referred to him as “that queen” and “her girlfriend in the red dress.” First of all, NeNe had no right to target Brandon as he did nothing wrong and is more of a man than NeNe tries to be,” Moore wrote.

Kenya Moore & Brandon DeShazer - Cover

Moore then claims that Leakes purposely instigated the fight and that she also made light of the possibility of Moore being hurt in the fight.

“Christopher stood up and then hovered over me first while NeNe sat back pleased with herself over the contemptuous, hate-filled environment she created. After Christopher violently grabbed me, Brandon admirably defended me. Yet, at the spa, NeNe relentlessly argues Christopher “never touched” me when we all clearly saw he did. If that wasn’t enough, she exclaims, ‘You’re lucky you didn’t get your a-s beat’,” Moore wrote.

Although we stil believe that both Moore and Leakes played a role in the melee that occurred between Nida and DeShazer, we agree with Moore that Leakes was out of line to use such derogatory terms against DeShazer.

Leakes may pride herself on being a gay icon who is supposedly knowledgable of gay culture, but it’s clear that she’s unaware that some words, like “queen,” which may be used as a teerm of endearment among gay/bisexual men, may take on a new, derogatory meaning when used by someone outside of the community, not unlike the way black people use terms of endearment.

It’s also clear that Leakes is unaware of her own internalized homophobia and effemiphobia to use such terms so callously and then to defend her use of them. Check out some other homophobic celebs below. – nicholas robinson

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