‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s’ Ariane Davis and Darlene McCoy to host F3 Atlanta for Women’s History Month


Two of Atlanta’s most beautiful women in the media, one representing gospel and the other hip-hop, will help kick off Women’s History Month at Face, Fashion, Flirting Atlanta on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Darlene McCoy and Ariane Davis, the hosts of F3 Atlanta, had this to say in response to womanhood and the theme of the event:

Historically, what women do you most admire?      

DM: When I look back in history, there are several women who have inspired me: Biblically, Esther; and through the slave era, Harriett Tubman. I know this may sound odd, but knowing me, you may know why Jackie Moms Mabley inspired me, not just because I am blood related to her, but also because there was only one of her on her platform at that time doing what comes naturally to her. In this day in time, I am inspired by Oprah Winfrey. The common denominator in all of these women is that they single-handedly made history, and it takes a lot of courage to be a history maker, to pull away from what others call normal and do great things in an abnormal way. I am drawn to their stories.

AD: There are a plethora of women I could name, but I’ll keep it short. I admire Madame CJ Walker, Lena Horne, Oprah and of course my personal “SHEro,” my mom, Etta Turner.

What type of legacy do you want to leave as a woman? 

DM: I want my life to be an inspiring story of courage, an unapologetic example of true faith in Christ. I want the world to know that God is bigger and greater than we’ve made Him out to be and my life will prove it and go down in history for my children and my children’s children.

AD: My legacy would have to be to always live your truth. Walk in your light and shine so bright that the world would have no other choice but to pay attention. Because that’s EGGS.ACT.LEE what I’m doing! (Yes, I spelled that purposely the way it’s written … LOL)

What does face, fashion and flirting mean to you?

DM: Face, fashion and flirting is an outlet for women to express their beauty, their sensuality and God-given essence in the medium of fashion. Flirts are subtle and must be used with discretion. We must be tactful and selective of when and where to flirt if we are going to because we KNOW that our flirting make lasting impressions of us.

 AD: Face is the first thing you see, so how one is physically seen is extremely important to me. It doesn’t make me vain or shallow, just honest! And fashion, I mean, I could go on forever about that. I take pride in the fashion statements I make. I’d like think my fashion is silently loud.  And as far as flirting, I’m not too much of an intentional flirt, but I am aware that I do it often. It’s in my eyes!!

How would you describe your fashion sense?    

DM: I am a woman with a lot of personality; therefore, my fashion sense comes from inside of me first. I choose fashions that are suitable to my personality, my attitude, and my body. You may catch me in hoddies, sweats and sneakers or in a Vera Wang gown and stilettos, but you can guarantee that wherever you find me on the spectrum, I am confident with my presentation of me.

AD:  The best way I would describe my fashion sense would be classically chic with an edge. I like altering what’s trendy into my own thing as well!

What types of makeup do you wear on a normal basis?  

DM: I tend to vary between Kevin Aucion, Mac, and Smashbox makeup colors, but for 25 years, I have been faithful to cleansing my skin with Mary Kay products.

AD: On a daily basis, I usually like to have a clean face. But I do use a Clinique powder and mostly a classic red lip by different brands (i.e. Mac’s “Ruby Woo,” Actual’s “Behold a Lady,” Sephora’s red lipstick).

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