Is Paula Patton divorcing Robin Thicke over Miley Cyrus?

Paula Patton, RObin Thicke & Miley Cyrus - Cover

Ever since Robin Thicke and Paula Patton decided to call it quits on their marriage this past weekend, rumors have been flying about who did what and who’s to blame for their marital woes. And though it’s obvious that things must have been going downhill for some time, details are still sketchy about what the final straw was. But according to a new report, the deciding factor in Patton’s decision to leave was Miley Cyrus.

Back in September, Thicke had a racy and raunchy performance with Cyrus at the MTV VMAs, in which Cyrus famously grinded and twerked on Thicke’s crotch. It wasn’t long after that rumors began flying that Patton was upset with Thicke for the naughty dance. However, sources claimed that Patton already knew about the twerking and was fine with it.

But according to TMZ, that was false. Sources tell the site that Cyrus improvised the twerking and that Thicke played along. Patton was reportedly livid as she watched her husband publicly embarrass her in front of millions. Making matters worse, was the fact that Thicke was soon caught on camera groping a woman’s butt at an after party.

The sources claim that the couple never recovered from the VMA scandal and that they have been arguing constantly about Thicke’s party boy lifestyle and numerous photos with other women.

It’s still not clear whether the rumor is true, but common sense says that this divorce didn’t just come out of the blue. There has to be a reason Patton wanted to split, and the obvious reason staring everyone in the face is infidelity. Check out some confirmed infidelity scandals after the cut. –nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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