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Secessionist groups want to form 3 majority white, Republican states

Secessionist groups want to form three majority white and republican states

Secessionist groups want to form three majority white, Republican states

Jefferson, North Colorado, Western Maryland, if these names don’t sound familiar now, they soon maybe if the secessionist movement picks up more steam. Those three names are the names of three proposed new states that will be majority white and overwhelmingly Republican.

Since President Obama has been in office, there has been a push by radical elements to form new states or break off from the United States. The most famous case being that of Alaska, where Sarah Palin played a major role in a secessionist organization that wants Alaska to leave the Union and become a separate country. In the past, such secessionist talk would not be entertained seriously, but because of the perceived erosion of white male privilege, these discussions are taking place and building momentum.

Proponents of the three proposed new states claim it is their constitutional right to separate and form new states based on the feeling of voter discontent and voter disconnect. For example, the proposed state of New Colorado is being pushed by an organization known as the 51st State Initiative. The head of the organization, Jeffrey Hare, believes that the state legislature is out of touch with conservative and rural Colorado when it comes to laws, specifically federal laws. These feelings are echoed in other state movements and are so strong, that ballot initiatives were voted on and defeated regarding the creation of another state in Colorado.  The main issues for separation that are shared by these majority white and Republican groups  are gun control, new energy regulations, environmental protection laws and gay marriage.





  1. Arthur McDonald on March 5, 2014 at 10:57 am

    Pffftttt!!!! I say let em…good riddance. There are PLENTY of otherwise good, open-minded whites out there that probably find this to be silly and embarrassing, and love a multi-cultural atmosphere. But, hey…if people like that move away, then all of us good Americans can finally have the space to create.

  2. Tamara B on March 6, 2014 at 1:21 am

    Considering that secession doesn’t just mean to form new states but to leave the United States , let them do it along with Alaska . And then don’t let them back into the USA . That’s quite a few idiots we’d never have to hear from again. We’d get a lot of good done without them voting for mouthpieces for the super rich.
    However if you plan to form an idiot state around me pay me at least 500000 so I can move buy a house for me and my mother, a car new glasses and pay off the bills. Consider it protection money for the safety of morons, because being surrounded by that many morons will drive me to violence.