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What’s Drake doing in Amsterdam with Rihanna?


Maybe it’s a ploy to keep us all guessing and talking, but Drake and Rihanna are doing absolutely nothing to quiet the rumors that they are rekindling their “situationship”.

Seems this time October’s very own decided to tag along with Rih in Amsterdam of all places. Cameras caught the pair out to dinner at swank sushi restaurant, Izakaya, where as seen in the pictures below, the tandem decided to leave separately as to not be photographed together.


However, as they continued their night, they weren’t able to escape cameras for long as they were caught with each other at a club later on.


We all know that Amsterdam houses the Red Light District so one only knows the things these two may have gotten into. We just wish they’d come on out as a couple and admit what we all clearly see with our eyes. But still Drake maintains that they’re time spent is all platonic as he told Rolling Stone recently.

“I mean, I think about it. Like, ‘Man that would be good.’ We have fun together. She’s cool and s–t. But we’re just friends,” Drizzy says. “That’s my dog for life.”

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  1. Jan on March 26, 2014 at 11:10 am

    Drake & Rihanna are a cute couple, and of course Chris Brown and Karrueche have parted, he’s coming for Rihanna! I love Chris Brown but he is destructive. Drake and Rihanna do not give him power in your lives!