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Sway dismisses Kanye: ‘I don’t even see that as a confrontation’

Sway & Kanye West - Cover
The on-camera confrontation between Shade 45 host Sway Calloway and notoriously emotional hip-hop superstar Kanye West became a viral sensation last fall. Kanye and Sway got into a heated exchange after Sway challenged Kanye’s assertion that the fashion industry wasn’t taking him seriously. While fans may have expected some type of fallout from the supposed “beef,” Sway explained to Complex magazine that there is no feud between he and West.

He made it clear that incidents between he and hip-hop stars are nothing new.

“The only reason that was different from — I’ve had confrontations with artists, you know, that I’m not gonna bring up because we’ve since squashed it — big names,” Sway said. “Difference is, it wasn’t the Internet, people wasn’t [sic] using the Internet at that time. It wasn’t filmed.”

Sway went on to say that he didn’t think of the spat with Kanye as anything different from what’s happened between them in the past.

“With Kanye, I don’t even see that as a confrontation,” he added. “I’ve known Kanye for years. That was just one of the discussions that we had that got filmed. What he went on to say, beyond that, ‘What have you done in the past 10 years?’ Man, I was flattered by that ‘cause I been in the game 20.”