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Nick Gordon ordered to stay away from Houston family for a year

Nick Gordon - Cover

Last month, things between Nick Gordon and the Houston family went from dysfunctional to dangerous when Gordon made lethal threats against the family. Shortly thereafter, Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law, Pat Houston, got a restraining order for herself against Gordon. Now, it’s been revealed that Pat has persuaded a judge to order Gordon to stay away from the Houston family for the next year.

According to TMZ, a judge has extended Pat’s original restraining order to 12 months and has added her immediate family under the umbrella of protection from Gordon. Under the new restraining order, Gordon can be arrested if he comes within 200 yards of Pat or her immediate family.

Pat’s restraining order comes in the wake of weeks of feuding between Gordon and the Houston family. Last month, Gordon revealed that he’d been feuding with Whitney’s nephew, Gary, and that he’d even gotten into a physical fight with him. Later on, Gordon posted ominous photos of his gun collection on Twitter and named Pat specifically in his threats against the Houston family.

Sources for TMZ claim that Gordon is still bitter over the fact that Pat has control over Whitney’s estate. He also thinks his wife, Bobbi Kristina, was robbed of her proper inheritance.

Whatever the reason, Gordon’s actions were completely out of line and we’re glad that Pat has taken the steps to ensure the family’s safety. However, the psychological damage that’s been dealt to Bobbi Kristina and the Houston family can’t be undone at this point. –nicholas robinson



  1. kelly on April 17, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    well WE ALL SEEN THIS COMING ANYTIME YOU GOT A GROWN MAN MAKING DECISIONS FOR A WOMAN ,, WHO need to be making her own decisions you gonna have issues … the houston family was devastated by whitneys death ,, and that money will run out .fast if someone dont secure it ….. you still got cisey houston who is old and aint working at all… she gets a pension from somewhtere that aint much …… bobby christ got an inheritance that she cant touch til she is 24 i think so pat is gonna assure that this dud is long gone by then …he will not be with no bobby kristina for long … she is too inmature .. what i think is he will end up hurting bobby krist to pay them back … they better up that restraint after one year …… he will be back … HE LOOKS LIKE TROUBLE TO ME ..FROM DAY ONE I KNEW HE WAS TROUBLE FOR THEM ITS A DAM SHAME HE DOES THIS AFTER WHINEY DIES … i think him and bobby kristina was f..uckin around before whitney died ,,,she never knew it ..she would have been against it .. for sure

  2. soisaid on April 19, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    nobody cares about this irrelevant guy. nobody is really checking for bobby christina. why are they still in the headlines?