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Ice Cube opens up about ‘Ride Along,’ Kevin Hart and rap

Ride Along

Ice Cube and ‘Ride Along’ just went to DVD on April 15, after raking in a total of $93 million, making it Cube’s highest-grossing film to date, far surpassing the 2005 family comedy Are We There Yet? Rolling Out sat down with Cube in the midst of his busy schedule to talk to him about the movie, Kevin Hart and music. Check out the interview below and also ‘Ride Along’ in Blu-Ray/DVD in stores now. Joi Pearson @joiapearson

How did you feel about how well ‘Ride Along performed?

Aw man, extremely excited about that because when you put in a lot of hard work and you know that you have something that is good, sometimes the hardest thing is convincing other people that they should put as much energy behind it as you have. And that didn’t happen with Ride Along. Universal Studios stepped up to the plate and promoted the movie. They didn’t hold back and neither did Kevin and I, we both went out there and did a lot of leg work and it paid off. So it’s always great when a plan comes together like that.

How was the energy working with Kevin Hart?

It was dope! We had an instant chemistry and that isn’t always easy to come by. Sometimes you have to warm up to them; you might be 2 weeks into filming before you get into a real groove and your thought is “I wish we could shoot that other stuff over,” so that has happened but not with this one. From day one, we were at the top of our game, every day we came like it was a brand new day and we had something to prove and it all paid off. I definitely respect his work ethic; he was always prepared, and he always had extra funny stuff to add, and he was down to work.

How was it working with Tika Sumpter?

It was cool. We didn’t have a lot of scenes together but it was a great cast all the way around. I loved getting a chance to work with Lawrence Fishburne again and this was my first time working with John Leguizamo, so these are dudes that I respect their acting; so to have them in this movie. it gave it a lot of weight.

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