Mariah Huq says she’s disappointed in Quad Webb-Lunceford, reacts to Phaedra Parks’ ‘slut’ diss

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Mariah Huq dishes on ‘Married to Medicine’

Mariah Huq is dishing on “Married to Medicine,” the reality show she originally pitched and cast, that’s having an explosive sophomore season detailing the demise of her friendship with Quad Webb-Lunceford.

“As someone who originally pitched “Married to Medicine” I’m happy with the success of the show but I have to admit it’s not [gone] in the direction that I completely intended on it going,” she told rolling out.

“I would like to show more of the families and more of the sacrifices that they make, whether they’re married to medicine or married to the field of medicine. I think there’s a lot of sacrifice that people need to see,” Huq said.

Huq went on to dish on her severed ties with Lunceford, which at this point seem irrevocably damaged, and commented on two other cast mates; Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Lisa Nicole Cloud.

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“I think my biggest disappointment in the demise of our friendship is the way in which it’s being handled; the lack of respect she has for our legacy of friendship,” said Huq. “Even if we decide we don’t wanna be friends again, which has pretty much been determined already based on a lot of the actions, I don’t think there’s any way in the world I would say anything negative about her mother, or her family or her character like as she has done to me. That makes me question whether we were ever friends.”

“I like Heavenly she’s one of the people I initially pitched on the show. I like Heavenly because she’s polarizing, she’s different,” said Huq.”

“Lisa Nicole Cloud … I just fall asleep on her, I think she’s boring, honey. Catch those Zs!” she added.

Later she mentioned Phaedra Parks’ recent diss on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” where she dubbed Huq a “slut” even though they had previously done business together.

“Now who made you relevant [Mariah] because the last time I checked you were trying to get relevant yourself, slut,” said Parks.


“I met Phaedra Parks two times and both were under the circumstance of business,” Huq told rolling out of the diss.

“My sister and I own a a company called Jewel and Jem; it’s a kid’s bedding decor and pajama line. We were sponsoring a $10,000 baby nursery to her baby, Aiden. That beautiful blue and brown that you see in her baby’s room, Mariah Huq did that,” Huq said.

“My sister Lake [and I] put a lot of time into it so I was disappointed. I don’t know Phaedra. I don’t know her, I thought she was a pretty savvy woman, somebody we wanted to do business with, so I was disappointed. Anybody that knows me knows that that couldn’t be further from my character. I think she just got caught up in the moment. Quad was there and more than anything, I think she was projecting her own life. She’s known as the head doctor, not me. She’s married to … The only thing I can tell her is to stay up, pray up, and don’t pick the soap up. Lawyer up. She can say whatever!” she added.

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