Wendy Williams refutes claims that Solange and Jay Z shopped together

Wendy Williams - Jay & Solange Cover

Earlier this week, fans were shocked when reports spread that Jay Z and Solange, who were just videotaped fighting in an elevator this past weekend, were spotted shopping together at a jewelry store in NYC. And although assumed that the shopping trip was perhaps the first step in the two feuding stars making peace, Wendy Williams recently came forward and claimed that the news story is false.

During Wednesday’s edition of Williams’ “Hot Topics” segment on her talk show, the media maven talked about the news report, in which Jay and Solange were allegedly spotted shopping at the luxury jewelry store Mr. Flawless in Manhattan. However, Williams claims that the owner, Mr. Flawless, is a family friend and that he denied that they were there.

“So we call Mr. Flawless and he says, ‘No, Solange and Jay Z were not here looking, buying or trying on jewelry, but Money Man Mayweather was.’ So it was Floyd Mayweather,” Williams explained.

Well, it’s still unclear what’s going on between Jay and Solange, but Beyoncé is definitely trying to patch things up with Solange this week by posting a series of photos with her sister on Instagram. However, Solange has yet to put all of the photos of Beyoncé she deleted back on her own Instagram page.

Although details are still hazy about the cause of this feud between these three, it’s clear that the issue still hasn’t been fixed. It’s doubtful that the trio will share anything about their rift, even after it’s mended. – nicholas robinson



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