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Sheila Marmon, CEO of Mirror Digital, creating wealth in multicultural markets

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Please describe your role as CEO.
My company — Mirror Digital — is a start-up, so for me, CEO stands for Chief Everything Officer. Launching and growing a new company from the ground up requires you to be nimble and to lend a hand wherever it is required. Running a start-up is incredibly challenging yet incredibly rewarding work because we get to forge new ground. Every day is different and exciting, which means as the leader of this type of organization you have to be flexible, innovative and resourceful to move your business forward.

What is the mission of your organization?
Our mission is to create excitement, growth and wealth within multicultural markets. While we are an advertising company that helps leading brands market and promote to multicultural consumers we also foster authentic partnerships with those brands that bring resources to our communities.

How do you approach business challenges?
I always think that two heads are better than one, and look to my team and advisers to help me. I think it is critically important to not only ask for help when you need it, but also to create a culture where everyone feels they have a seat at the table and can bring forward their best ideas and solutions.

How do you evaluate talent you are hiring and what skills are you looking for in this marketplace?
Running a young company requires that I find team members who are self-starters. There is often ambiguity in what our clients need from us often requiring need to shift resources to support a major project. I have built an amazing team who approaches this diversity with a can-do attitude and innovative thinking.

What are the top three benefits to being a member of your organization?
All team members, regardless of tenure or title, are respected and have a voice. We work hard to hire very capable young people, so it behooves me to listen to them.

We deliver digital advertising innovation to our clients, so we are working with the latest technology tools and media companies in the space. My team finds this to be really fun … and so do I.

We have a culture where everyone has the opportunity to lead. When someone proves they are capable, they can take a project and run with it.

How do you utilize technology to give yourself business advantages?
We run a technology-driven business, so our market is constantly changing. Every six months we explore new tools, platforms and services we can bring to our advertising clients to make their digital marketing campaigns work harder and deliver more.

What are the two key factors for business success?
Every day I bring passion and drive to my work to keep my team engaged and motivated.

I never try to go it alone. I keep myself surrounded by people who believe in me and support me to make the challenging days a little easier.

Name your three favorite business books for insight and inspiration.
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

The E-Myth

The Lean Start Up

If you were giving a speech about the skill sets needed in the future to remain relevant to 500 workers at a retraining seminar, what would the title of your speech be and why?
“Get Ready to Try Something New.” I chose this title because the current work environment requires constant learning and experimentation. Business now innovates and evolves on an ongoing basis, so anyone being retrained should understand it is important to be driving that change forward versus lagging behind it.

Describe your leadership style.
My leadership style is fairly relaxed. I think it is important to set clear goals and expectations and leave it to your team to be accountable. I also think it is important to lead by example and deliver my best every day.