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Twitter reacts to Ta-Nehisi Coates article ‘The Case for Reparation’


Ta-Nehisi Coates was recently wrote an intriguing article, “The Case for Reparations.” Published in The Atlantic, the article presents an in-depth argument on why its practical for black Americans (who are descendants of slaves) to receive reparations.

Twitter users have reacted to the article. Read there comments below.






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  1. GregAbdul on May 29, 2014 at 2:11 am

    your “reparations” is JESUS…master done gave you a god to pray to and you never let master’s god go. So what sense does it make for you to say you want something else? Master gave you his god and you love his god. Come back and revisit this after you have found master’s god wanting. I am a little rude but this is insulting on so many levels. What most blacks do is, you pray to master’s god with the idea that master (the real god
    in the black mind) will fulfill all your needs. When he doesn’t, instead of
    letting go of the white man’s fake man god, you hold your hand out and ask for
    money. Real believers in God believe God supplies our every need and we only
    want equality. The black American demand for money only makes sense AFTER you
    reject the salvation given to your ancestors in the slave quarters and not a
    moment before. Master done figured out how to get you to heaven. If you believe
    what was whipped into our ancestors in the slave quarters, thank the white
    man…and go sit in a corner and shut up and by the way….Coates as a writer
    is mediocre at best. Reparations….ain’t even happening….go thank the white
    man and bow to him for making you a Christian.