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Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’ favorite Instagram quotes

 Tameka Tiny Harris Instagram quotes 7

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris‘ life and marriage has been on the celebrity gossip radar for quite sometime. Since Tiny and her husband T.I. had a small marital spat earlier this year at the 2014 Grammy Awards, things just haven’t been the same. While blogs have based speculations on each of their whereabouts and who wasn’t supporting who on certain red carpets, the Harris family still seemed to be intact with the family hustle still moving as usual — that is, until this past weekend.

T.I. might have felt some type of way about Tiny hanging out in Vegas with Floyd Mayweather and her friends, so instead of sitting back and watching it happen, the Atlanta rapper stepped to the boxing champion to let him know his wife was still unavailable. Fans of the couple, who are split between the two, took to Tiny’s Instagram to air out their feelings, and unfortunately many of the comments weren’t so nice. Just when we thought it ended at T.I. and Floyd Mayweather, Instagram kept the drama going.

Tiny had been leaning on God’s good word and great advice from motivational speakers and relationship gurus like Rob Hill Sr., and Tony A. Gaskins Jr. Instead of being so messy, take a look at some of our favorite and most recent quotes from Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’ Instagram.