Summer Jam 2014 celebrity sightings on Instagram

Summer Jam 2014 - Meek Mill
Nas brings out Meek Mill and French Montana during Summer Jam 2014 performance

Hot 97‘s annual hip-hop concert, Summer Jam 2014, is known for their surprise celebrity guests and the monumental hip-hop moments made since 1994. On their 20 year anniversary, things were no different. Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa and Nas brought out a plethora of unexpected stars, while the festival stage featured some of the biggest emerging artists in the game. Summer Jam packed in more than 50,000 hip-hop fanatics from all over the country including some very popular names in entertainment. You wouldn’t believe all of the stars that were in the building! Take a look at a few celebrity sightings from Summer Jam 2014 found on Instagram.

Renee Gardner

#HipHopSoul Artist and creator of the Omen Agency's #HipHopTownHall, #OmenCypher and ReneetheG TV.

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