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HIV-free safe sex weekend


It’s the weekend; time to party. If you’re having sex this weekend, the behavior that will secure your future depends on your overnight kit, your party kit, your fling kit. This should always include a great lubricant.

According to Dr. Rachael of the daytime show “The Doctors,” vaginal and anal tearing are the No. 1 causes of HIV transmission: “When you’re penetrating anally or vaginally, there is a lot of tearing. That’s what puts the anal receiver at greater risk. That’s what puts women at greater risk. Those are the two riskier things you can do when it comes to [contracting] HIV.”

The right lubricants can actually lower risks and enhance pleasure. There are also flavored lubricants that help. And there is the varied gold pack which is for the extra-long ego. Or the vibrating ring, which can add a dimension of stimulation without costing. Safe behavior is critical, whether friendly or promiscuous or adventurous. The relationship to safety to avoid HIV and STDs is critical. Having a kit nearby or one packed in your adventurous bag or in your glove box can save a life. Share ideas with your friends or even people you date. Have a cute quiz titled “What’s your favorite form of protection?” or “Your favorite lubricant?” or even “What do you do to save your life from HIV and STDs” to start a conversation.

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