Troy Ave. set to sign with T.I.’s Hustle Gang


T.I.’s Hustle Gang may have landed a new member. Fans have been speculating about the relationship between Tip and Brooklyn rhymer Troy Ave., ever since they were spotted onstage together at Summer Jam and Tip was featured on Troy’s remix single “Your Style.” Now, it looks like Troy is about to join Hustle Gang Records. T.I. already indicated that he and Troy had discussed some things.

“I can say that it is a possibility,” said T.I. at the time. “In the near future there could be some announcements made.”

He added, “I’m sure the music would be phenomenal, but I think above all, I want to work with people that the industry would otherwise have a hard time working with. I want to work with the people that the industry may not know how to communicate with or might not know how to perceive.”

“I want to be able to translate for them to the industry and vice versa, because if you are afraid of somebody that limits your ability to communicate, which limits your ability to monetize their possible opportunities. From the artist perspective, if people are afraid of you, that limits the opportunities that you have, from people presenting things to you that can benefit your progression. So there must be a gap bridged, I see myself as the bridge … I [didn’t] have a bridge, I needed a bridge.”

Speaking with Angela Yee at the BET Awards this weekend, Tip confirmed that a deal with Troy Ave., is being finalized.

“Yeah, it’s in the works,” he said. “We have verbals, the lawyers just got to do their thang, but its definitely something that we looking forward to.”

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