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Rapper Troy Ave survives Brooklyn shooting

According to a recent report from New York City Alerts, Troy Ave (Roland Collins) was shot multiples times in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn around

Troy Ave addresses rumors regarding ILOVEMAKONNEN beating

Hip-hop newcomer ILOVEMAKONNEN was attacked at his show at SOBs in New York this week, and rumors immediately surfaced that Brooklyn rhymer Troy Ave was behind the incident. But Troy’s manager Hovain Hylton told thestashed that Troy had nothing to do with what happened.

Troy Ave. set to sign with T.I.’s Hustle Gang

T.I.’s Hustle Gang may have landed a new member. Fans have been speculating about the relationship between Tip and Brooklyn rhymer Troy Ave., ever since they were spotted onstage together at Summer Jam and Tip was featured on Troy’s remix single “Your Style.”

50 Cent calls Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks ‘hype men’ for Troy Ave

50 Cent seems to get satisfaction from putting down his former G-Unit compadres and childhood friends Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. 50 has made it clear that he no longer is close to his old buddies, and in a recent interview with MTV, he casually mocked their recent appearances on singles by Troy Ave., one of New York City’s most promising young rappers. Yayo guested on “Show Me Love” and Banks made an appearance on “Your Style.”

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