Sesame Street writer creates ‘I Love My Hair’ for daughter


The last few years, the natural hair discussion in the brown girl community seems to be a never-ending one.

Not long ago, Sesame Street’s head writer and puppeteer Joey Mazzarino noticed his young daughter, Segi, was struggling with loving her mane. Mazzarino and his wife adopted their daughter from Ethiopia when she was a baby. Both parents are white, but very much deemed it necessary for their daughter to understand why it’s so important for her to love herself exactly as she is.

Mazzarino admitted he didn’t know much about maintaining African American hair, but thanks to Carol’s Daughter, he was able to get things together.

“I didn’t know how to take care of [her hair]. I don’t take care of my own hair very well … Lisa Price’s husband works on Sesame Street and he’s one of our crew members. He would bring in stuff for me and Lisa would tell me, ‘Okay this is how you do this’ … My wife is an actress and if she was away I would be in charge of my daughter’s hair. I made sure it looked good. Thanks to Lisa and [her husband] Gordon they taught me how to use certain products.”

The tune is quite catchy. I’m pretty sure I’m not the intended audience for it, but I’ve found myself humming along to it more than once.

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