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Stevie J posts semi-nude photos of Althea Heart

Stevie J - Reunion Smiling

All season long on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Stevie J has been denying accusations that he slept with his BFF Benzino’s fiancée, Althea Heart. But after last night’s episode aired, Stevie J finally began casting even more suspicion on his denial after he decided to post semi-nude photos of Hart, admitting that he actually did sleep with her.

Fans first became aware of Stevie and Heart’s tryst after  she revealed that she’d slept with Mimi Faust’s boyfriend, Nikko, and Mimi in turn revealed that Hart slept with her ex-boyfriend, Stevie J. Heart went on to admit to Benzino that she slept with Stevie, but Stevie has continuously denied having any kind of relationship with Heart.

Since then, the couple’s have been hurling disses at each other online, but Stevie took the beef to whole new level last night when he posted a semi-nude photo of Heart performing fellatio on an unknown man.

Stevie J - Althea Nude 1

Stevie J - Althea Nude 2

Although many assumed that the man in the photo was Stevie, Heart responded to Stevie’s tweet and revealed that the man in the photo is Benzino.

Althea - Stevie Nude Response

Stevie J - Althea Nude 3

Even if the man in the photo is Benzino, the situation begs the question: why would Stevie have or even post such a photo? It makes it clear that Stevie and Heart have more history than he’s willing to admit to. –nicholas robinson



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