12-year-old calls 911 and asks to be arrested after stabbing young child


A 12-year-old boy stabbed a 9-year-old and confessed to the crime after calling 911. According to Grand Rapids Press, the crime occurred while the two were on a playground in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The 12-year-old approached the 9-year-old from behind and stabbed the child in the back with a kitchen knife. The 9-year-old was rushed to a hospital and died soon after arriving.

After the 12-year-old committed the crime, he walked up to an adult and asked to use a cellphone. He called 911 and told them he stabbed a boy and needed to be arrested. The boy also told police that he swallowed a lot of pills and wanted to die.

When the police arrived, the boy went to the officers and put his hands in front of him as if wanted to be handcuffed. The boy was eventually arrested, but he could be suffering from mental issues.

The 12-year-old boy will face murder charges.

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