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Police officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri will finally be revealed


Nearly one week after murdering 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the name of the police officer involved in the shooting will finally be revealed.

In an odd move to “protect” an officer who killed an unarmed teenager, the Ferguson police and district attorney have withheld the officer’s name. The maneuver was strange considering that police who are involved in crimes are listed in public records.

However, one of the witnesses to the murder gave a brief description of the police officer involved in the shooting. During an interview with MSNBC, Tiffany Mitchell said she watched as a “tall white man” stepped out a police car and shot Brown in the back and several more times after he turned around with his hands in the air.

Police have suggested that the cop was bruised in a tussle with Brown, but Mitchell says the police officer shot Brown who never appeared to be a threat.

Although the evidence and testimony should cause the D.A. to charge the officer with first degree murder, the officer has not been arrested.

The hacker group, Anonymous, released a name of the shooter that was later denied by the Ferguson police. But the failure to release the shooter’s name has caused some to wrongly speculate and spread false information.

In the upcoming days, the shooter could face federal charges of murder and violating the civil rights of Michael Brown. The U.S Justice Department is questioning witnesses to the shooting.

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  1. butterbeansuga on August 15, 2014 at 10:34 am

    get his ass , cause out of that uniform he is a thugg a common criminal , who deserves to be sitting right next to charlie manson, scott peterson.. his crime is worst than scott peterson crime at least he plotted a murder this fool come out like he robo cop in someones neighbor hood .. anyone else could have been injuried to .. this man has no right to ever step into a police uniform!!! again EVER! HE IS A DISGRACE TO THE WHITE RACE .. not that the white race dont have their share of demonic, sadistic, filty low down dirty cops … im begaining to hate the word cop. it always mean racist anymore . i hope the brown family sue the police dept for withhold information and for the murder of their child . i felt so bad for that mother when she said , how hard it was to get micheal to the 12th grade . and then prepare him for college . thats when you live in a poor disadvantage part of town raiseing a boy.. i understand her plea very well. ..
    all black folks dont struggle like this but the majority do .. expecially a single mom .
    LETS TAKE ACTION AND FORCE THE POLICE DEPT TO ADHERE TO NOTHING BUT TRUTH MOVING FORWARD . .A SHAME ALL THIS HAS TO OCCUR TO GET PEACE OBAMA LOOK SAD TRYING TO TELL POLICE HOW IN THE WRONG THEY WERE you gonnna bring in a army tank to defuse angry peacful protesters ,, this was not the looter , they confronted . .even the camera man was out there filming when they shot rubber bullets in a crow of possible kids .. on kid is dead an they still shooting on citizens .. what they should have done is bought some nuns in or christian old ladies in white uniforms to comfort the crowd.. and give prayer and hope they needed comfort and asssurance thats all