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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ reunion part 1 best moments

Bambi & Erica Argue Over Scrappy

Erica Pinkett and Bambi argue over Scrappy

The reunion kicks off with Erica Pinkett and Bambi arguing over their love triangle with Scrappy. Bambi claims that Erica P aspired to be a sideline chick, while Erica P claims that Bambi hated her ever since she learned she was going to be on the show. When Scrappy tries to interject, Erica claims that he’s mad that he couldn’t have her, but he turns to the audience and says he can have any woman in there. However, things get even more heated when Erica Dixon jumps in and accuses Bambi of sleeping with Scrappy while she was engaged to him. However, the whole matter seems pointless when Scrappy admits that he’s still not sure if he loves Bambi and she claims she doesn’t always want to be with him.


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