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Renisha McBride’s killer sentenced

Theodore Wafer
Theodore Wafer

The story of Renisha McBride has finally come to a legal end. McBride was the 19-year-old girl that was shot in the face by Theodore Wafer on Nov. 2, 2013. McBride had an auto accident and was seeking help when she knocked on the door of Wafer at 2:00 a.m. McBride was dazed and bleeding from the traffic accident, as well as possibly intoxicated. Wafer, opened his front door raised his shotgun and shot McBride in the face at close range.

Wafer claimed that he feared for his life and that is why he shot McBride through his screen door. The killing sparked outrage in the Detroit, Michigan, area and across the United States, as the value of black life seemed to be diminished under stand your ground laws. The jury did not believe Wafer’s claim and subsequently found him guilty of second-degree murder Now, almost nine months after her murder, justice has been served.

A judge has sentenced Theodore Wafer to 17 years in prison for killing the unarmed black woman on his porch. Wafer was convicted of second degree murder. Before he was sentenced, he addressed the parents of McBride. He told the family that he was sorry for what happened that early morning of Nov. 2.

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