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Killer Mike says Hawks owner’s email wasn’t racist

killer mike

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike tweeted his perspective on the controversy swirling around the Atlanta Hawks and their controlling owner Bruce Levenson. Levenson agreed to sell his stake in the team after admitting that he made racially-insensitive comments via a 2012 email and comments regarding Atlanta’s black fans and lack of white attendance at home games.

“My theory is that the black crowd scared away the whites and there are simply not enough affluent black fans to build a significant season ticket base,” Levenson reportedly wrote in the e-mail. “I want some white cheerleaders … I have even b—hed that the kiss cam is too black.”

Mike tweeted that he had no issue with Levenson’s remarks.

“1.I do NOT find that ‘Hawks Email’ Racist at all,” Mike tweeted. “2. Although Bruce Levenson does need to realize that if the Hawks were had A superstar like #Wilkins 25 yrs ago all wud come blks wud spend.”

“Hawks Biggest Problem has not been Blacks Be’n late (y’all do b late to the games) or southern WASP being ‘afraid’ (y’all b fronting 4real),” he continued. “The real Problem is Bruce and Every other owner (Sorry Ted u too) never valued Atlanta’s Super Stars enuff DWilkins Shud have a statue and Public apology for trading him for Danny (get the f– outta here) Manning. U wanna know your real problem? Being ‘good’ & not great. Being Good at Draft Picks But never Landing the Great Player that Is beyond Race and class. A player that brings all out like DW did!”

“U made some great and valid point which I agree with! S–t u were dead on. I listen to 750 & that station scares the hell outta Cobb lol,” Mike shared. “But I suggest to the next owner u wanna get Blacks to Buy and Whites to feel “comfy” as the minority. Find a super Star and pay him BIG!”

Mike added that Atlanta should have a similar reverence for Dominique Wilkins as the Chicago Bulls have for Michael Jordan.

“Treat D Wilkins like The Chi Treats MJ and better!” he tweeted.

Hawks general manager Danny Ferry has also come under fire for reportedly uttering a racial slur and making derogatory remarks about Africans during a conversation about the possibility of the Hawks signing then-free agent swingman Luol Deng.

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  1. Stayce~Michelle on September 10, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    Maybe Buckhead should create their own league….