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Celebrity Photos » Happy birthday Towanda Braxton; her throwback photos

Happy birthday Towanda Braxton; her throwback photos

Towanda Braxton_Rolling Out Joi Pearson-9

Happy 41st birthday Towanda Braxton! Braxton, an R&B artist, revamped her singing career by forming The Braxtons in 2010 with her sisters, Trina and Tamar. Though she started singing with her sisters at age 5, she didn’t sign her first record deal until 1989. Gaining reality TV fame for starring in the WE TV series “Braxton Family Values,” she travels all over working and building The Braxton brand. Towanda is also the younger sister of Toni Braxton who has a Platinum-selling R&B singing career. Check out more photos in the gallery below. -joi pearson @joiapearson


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